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It’s been a week since the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2024) in Athens, and it was a fantastic experience! 🎉

I presented my poster, “Self-supervised learning for genetically relevant domain identification”, where we propose self-supervised learning as a robust feature extractor for downstream joint analyses with spatial omics. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared their thoughts! 🙌

My sincere congratulations to the conference chairs, Konstantina (Nantia) Nikita and Christos Davatzikos, as well as the entire team of organizers and volunteers for putting together such a great event. Attending the workshops, participating in the industry day and the clinical focus sessions provided valuable knowledge and networking experiences. Special thanks to Ira Ktena, PhD and the rest of the table for the insightful lunch discussion. And a shout-out to everyone who contributed to the fun social aspects of the conference! 👏